Library Feature / June 2, 2014 / Miniatures

The library’s catalog contains a lot of miniatures that will fit in the palm of your hand. Featured below are Fact Simile‘s Trading Cards series, mIEKAL aND’s “Hypok CHANGS Tress,” a Home Launch Kit (includes matches and paper clip and tin foil, etc. for setting your house one fire?!), a screen printed flicker book by Catherine Wang, a beautiful Ink Press accordion book, a handful (literally) of poems-for-all micro books, a collection of post-card “misheard lyrics” poems, “Odes to Common Things for People with Short Attention Spans,” a hand-made and hand-printed chapbook called Feelings Using Wolves (Small Fires Press), by Emily Kendal Frey and Zachary Schomburg, a post-card poem w/ printed letter (?) by Buck Downs, and disparate collection of signatures bound in stretchy string and a button called “Tuesday, November 23, 2010” by Michael Harold.




Cataloging has begun at LitMore’s Small Press Library


In October 2013, the every-growing Small Press Poetry Library found a permanent location at LitMore, a beautiful and enormous community arts center located in the heart of the Mt. Washington neighborhood in Baltimore.

After seven months of moving, organizing, weeding, and ordering, I finally got a chance to alphabetize and catalog (via Excel) the books by authors whose last names begin with the letter “A,” which amounts to about 5% of the collection. Over the next few months I will finish the A to Z of it all, then move on to the remaining sections (as of today: poetics, anthologies, serials, chapbooks, pamphlets, unbound ephemera, broadsides, fliers, and the uncategorizable stuff that makes archivists sloppy with happiness).

As of my last count, the collection consists of over 4,000 objects, including donations by small presses (Ugly Duckling Presse, Black Lawrence, Calamari Press, Plan B Press, among a host of others), the archives of The Harford County Poetry Society, and the extent of my own collection and Douglas Mowbray’s, Alan C. Reese’s, Minas Konsolas’, Clarinda Harriss’, and too many others to list now. Because the catalog begins to look more real, and will eventually become a reading library for the public, I am composing a formal donations letter for individuals and institutions from which we hope to create THE LARGEST SMALL PRESS LIBRARY IN MARYLAND. It’s a big step for us, but it’s also our passion. And no doubt this is going to be the best and more important resource for writers, students, professionals and lovers of poetry and great literature. And one of our future goals is to work in tandem with the Baltimore City Mayor’s office in order to make LitMore’s small press library a destination point for all tourists and visitors.

Stay tuned for pictures, stories, sounds and updates, plus a close look at the oddities and wonders of this terrific collection. Thanks for paying attention, and for paying a visit.