News about the LitMore Small Press Poetry Library Fundraising Campaign and More Book Donations


I visited my friend David Bergman yesterday. He is currently the poetry editor of the Gay and Lesbian Review, a professor of English at Towson University, and a great poet in his own right. As you can see above, I will need to make more room on the shelves for this massive donation of poetry books that David was slowly weeding from his own collection (to our benefit!) I think there’s probably 50 or so books here, including some great finds like Joe Brainard’s I Remember from Granary Books and a lovely edition of poems by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, translated by Fernando Pessoa. There’s also a good selection of gay and lesbian literature, some which is very rare and self-published.

I’ll be in the library tomorrow, and will take some more pics of the rare objects and write a little more about the archiving and cataloging procedures. And I also want to create a list of donors to our book collection and monies for our massive fundraising campaign. I’m happy to say we’ve reached $740 as of 10 AM this June 13, 2014.

In other news, I have two very interesting leads that might ensure the longevity and sustainability of the LitMore Small Press Poetry Library.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be meeting with Megan McShea, a Baltimore poet and Audiovisual Archivist at Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. She mentioned something that had been on my mind for ages, but could not be put into words: What’s stopping LitMore from centralizing the archives of the recent avant garde Baltimore poetry scene (dating back to the 70s, possibly earlier), which is scattered throughout the city in its manifest costumes? In other words, LitMore is slated to become a heritage site for Baltimore’s rich literary history. This is all in theory, of course, but because the space is real and the infrastructure to make it so is slowly being brought to function, the theories are no doubt to become practical, necessary achievements.

On another front, Rosalind Heid from the Maryland Humanities Council contacted me in order to talk about a possible partnership with LitMore. I’m not very familiar with the organization, but just having looked at the website they are doing some very interesting and important literary programming in the city, much of which mirrors our own efforts. They, too, are developing a database of works by local authors, like us, but their focus is expansive, not just poetry. The potential for partnership, with both organizations covering just about all possible centers of literary production in the area, is ripe for evolution. They also host a literary map of Mt. Vernon, which is complementary to Doug Mowbray’s efforts to create a poetry resource map of Baltimore (in conjunction with Washington College).
And so another day opens on this exciting new project. Thanks again for reading, sharing, and donating to the cause. We hope to represent you in the future.



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