Donations and Fund-Raising in NYC


While in NYC for a few days, visiting family and curating a release party for Thomas Devaney’s new Furniture Press Books title, Calamity Jane, I had the great fortune to meet many generous and like-minded people at Berl’s Poetry Shop in Brooklyn, where the reading took place with Kimberly Lyons hosting me, Thomas and Brenda Coultas (who wrote the foreword to Calamity Jane).

Kimberly is the publisher of Lunar Chandelier Press, and she donated a handful of new titles from her catalog, along with Vyt Bakaitis’ Deliberate Proof. I had time to talk in depth with Vyt, who, along with a bunch of people at the reading, had/have ties to Baltimore. Maybe Baltimore is NYC’s 7th borough (Philly being its 6th)? But as you can see from the stack above, the support behind the library goes beyond city/state borders. It’s a universal project that promotes small press poetry publishers and poets, readers and lovers of poetry, in all its forms, and advocates for creative literacy and programming focused on getting poetry into a larger world and giving it more importance, most importantly, in our daily lives.

I want to thank, first and foremost, the following individuals and organizations for their generous donations:

Kimberly Lyons/Lunar Chandelier Press;

Vyt Bakaitis;

Kimberly Lyons;

Sommer Browning;

Berl’s Poetry Shop;

Unnameable Books

We were also fortunate to receive our first monetary donation for $300 from a very generous pair of individuals who want no notoriety or acknowledgment. They merely ask that the funds be used to purchase books for the collection, or subscribe to a small press or three.

And so, our adventure begins.


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