A Short Graphic History of the LitMore Small Press Poetry Library (Part II: More Clicks than Tricks)


This almost-all-inclusive post is meant to be a somewhat comprehensive resume of the events Douglas and I have curated over the course of our careers as community arts advocates and educators. From about 2005 till the present we have collaborated with Cook Library at Towson University, Towson Arts Collective, Bread and Circuses Cafe, Towson Public Library, Waverly Public Library and The Village Learning Place to host the Cruellest Month Poetry and Performance Festivals (including the annual Poem Walk), two school years’ worth of “It Takes a Village” (in support of the LINK after school project) writing, publishing and professional development program for school-aged kids, and two volumes of Voices and Visions (Benjamin Warner, ed.), a writing workshop and journal of works by homeless men and women at Community Visions in Silver Spring, MD. We have also given talks/lectures at Towson, Goucher, Johns Hopkins, Fairmont and Frostburg Universities, and participated in countless arts advocacy panels and meetings, most in light of expanding the term “arts,” which is typically relegated to visual, performance or plastic arts, to include literary arts.

And now, an exhaustive, but not complete, list of images and headlines that help put our endeavors on the map.

This video was shot, produced and edited by a former student of mine who dedicated much of his time to documenting our efforts in the community. It is considered our introduction to Poetry in Community.

Some pics from the 8th Annual CruMoPoPerFest (including the Poem Walk in Waverly and Charles Village and the PoeTrees) at Waverly Library.

This is from the 7th Annual CruMoPoPerFest, at which we had the honor of seeing Magus Magnus’ Idylls for a Bare Stage performed for the first time in Baltimore).

Just in time for prom season, a Poetic Formal. Poets and listeners came in their best (or worst) formal wear for a reading of form poems—from the traditional to the twisted. Poets Shirley Brewer, Clarinda Harriss, Bruce Sager, and Laura Shovan chaperoned an evening of glorious ghazals, sumptuous sestinas, tasty triolets, and seductive sonnets.

Artichoke Haircut presented an editors feature at the Village Learning Place, with readings by the makers of the magazine: Justin Sanders, Jonathan Gavazzi, Adam Shutz, and Melissa Street.

These photos are from the Annual National Library Week celebration at the Village Learning Place, where the new Local Small Press collection was unveiled for the first time.

Poetry in Community celebrated the first 100,000 Poets for Change event at the Waverly Library in 2012 with the slogan, “Read Locally, Listen Globally,” in light of further developing creative literacy and community advocacy programming for our neighboring communities.

Douglas and I curated a very interesting exhibition (The Text & its Discontexts) of text art at the Towson Arts Collective for the sole purpose of linking the notion of text as sound/rhetorical device and text as image in an early effort to problematize the notion of “arts” belonging only to the plastic and performative realm.

This is a short interview with Benjamin Warner discussing the Voices and Visions project.

This was my first interview with the Library as Incubator Project, discussing the outlook for Poetry in Community and its endeavors.

This is the press release for our talk at the Maryland Writer’s Association.

Here’s some press for 100,000 Poets for Change and It Takes a Village.


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